Wisconsin parents gauge impact of life opportunities program

ProAct’s program in Hudson, Wisconsin is having a noticeable impact on its participants, according to parents.

A shy Ben Feia, who may not utter a word unless spoken to, is changing, said his grandmother, Mary. The impact has been obvious. “We’ve just seen a whole lot of change in his demeanor,” she said. “He’s talking much more and he’s actually starting conversations.”

Feia moved to Hudson, Wis. from the south. Living out of the country most of his life, Feia didn’t have much opportunity until he moved to Georgia in the eighth grade, his grandmother explained. After graduating from a program there, Feia was alone a lot, as everyone around him was either at school or work. “There’s a lot of activity around here. It (the program) really was the perfect fit, the perfect thing,” his grandmother said. With Life Opportunities has come increased motivation to get up and going in the morning. “He has a lot of potential. It just hasn’t been tapped yet,” said Mary. Fellow participant Kyle Glowe, another shy individual who seldom talks, announced to his mother that he loves his job. “Usually, he has to be prompted,” said Stephanie Glowe, his mother. Kyle is tracking days of the week better, as well. “We’re lucky to have that as there aren’t really a lot of choices,” she said.