Earth Week activities in Red Wing

Education and fun fill week

The Earth Day celebration at ProAct in Red Wing became Earth Week this year. Participants took time out of their classes to celebrate Earth together. On Monday, they learned the history of Earth Day and planted flowers. For Tuesday, they made Earth Day cookies and world ornaments with clay. Then, on Wednesday, they learned about bees and painted ornaments from the day before, in blues and greens.

The group talked about trees. When the weather improves, they want to plant some. One staff member signed up with the Arbor Day foundation was able to get 10 free trees sent to her.

She and participants are waiting for them to arrive and for warmer weather.

Thursday brought learning all about butterflies. They also made seed “globes” with blue and green paper. Finally, Friday came and they planted grass in bottles made to look like animals – ProAct’s version of “Chia Pets,” and then ended the week watching the Bee Movie. Staff said it was a fun week and people learned a lot.

Individuals were patiently waiting for warmer weather so they could plant seeds and sprout and enjoy May flowers.