Red Wing busy with trees, birds, garden, much more

Arbor Day marked with 10 tree plantings

Earth Week and Arbor Day activities were educational, as ProAct in Red Wing applied for some free trees and 10 arrived. Staff and participants planted them behind the facility and are hopeful that they will provide some needed shade in years to come.

On the fly, ‘Sonny and Cher’ now reside at ProAct

A local business owner was looking to “rehome” a couple of parakeets this spring and thought about ProAct. “The pair has been a big hit,” said Case Coordinator Gloria Solsaa. A group discussion on names ensued and Sonny and Cher were selected. The birds arrived with two cages and all the parakeet amenities. “We enjoy listening to them and watching them work out.”

Former staff and spouse till ground for plentiful garden

May brought cool temperatures but that did not hold people back at ProAct’s river town location. It was a busy month both in the Red Wing community and with activities in-center.

Seedlings that were started in April were garden planted. Former staff member Deanna Bigelbach and her husband are helping with the garden and were kind enough to till it! “Now comes the watering and weeding, and then the good stuff!” said Solsaa.

She and many others are looking forward to the garden harvest. “Who knows, we may even be able to taste try some new veggies and herbs in our cooking class!”

Artists flourish

Woodworking and craft classes are popular at ProAct in Red Wing. “We learn about safety skills as well as honing our creativity with sanding, painting, and assembling projects,” said Solsaa. People made name blocks, etched signs, and worked on birdhouses. “Maybe Sonny and Cher would approve.”

Snack Cart sales fund outings

The Snack Cart in Red Wing has proven very popular. Participants and staff decide what to sell and shop for items. Each day, participants set up the cart and cruise the facility to sell during morning break. The proceeds pour into multiple fun outings and paid for a building-wide pizza party in May. “Thank you all for supporting this project!” said Solsaa.

‘May Day’ appreciation gifts

A special project kicked off in May at ProAct’s rivertown location. Participants painted clay pots and planted “pansies with a purpose.” These were set to go to case managers and production staff to thank them for all they do, said Solsaa. “Our staff helped us with this project so didn’t get in on the gifts. We will have to think of something special for them soon. (Shh, don’t tell).”