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Mother finds match for son here

“My son, Scott, is 40 years old. He has been in and out of several DT&H programs. ProAct has met his needs so much better than the other programs. They ...


Grocery interview first, then fitness center job nearby

ProAct vocational specialist Pat Hoppe helped build this young man’s confidence for his first job interview ever at Fresh Thyme in Apple Valley. That gig didn’t come through. Undeterred, the ...


He cared for all, found purpose

Dennis O’Meara was the perfect, “small town kind of guy,” said one staff member. He was the oldest participant at ProAct in Shakopee, and tallied nearly 31 years with the ...


Back in the saddle in Hudson

ProAct in Hudson, Wis. is serving close to half of its pre-COVID-19 entourage of participants, and almost two-thirds when one counts a small group receiving virtual enrichment services provided from ...


Remembered for her love

She used powerful words to diffuse situations, “I love you.” Many carry this memory of ProAct participant Sherri Baker, who passed away in July. To honor the 54-year-old who attended ...


Helping student to pursue his ‘wings’

Cleared for takeoff, it was onward and upward for one young man served by ProAct. Kevin Valverde Bustos has career aspirations to be a pilot, and ProAct employment specialist Cindy ...

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From the President

June 1 was my beginning at ProAct and to say that our participants are dearly missed is an understatement. For many who rely on our services, the feeling is mutual. ...

ProAct West opens to participants for classes

Eagan reopens for limited service

At the ProAct-West building in Eagan, expansive space has made way for people to enjoy services and practice social distancing as the nonprofit reopened in early July for classes. It ...


From ProAct’s CEO

It’s a time of transition at ProAct, and we are looking forward with anticipation to the resumption of many of the services people have come to know and love. As ...

ProAct President Judie Foster-Lupkin

President Judie Foster-Lupkin

New ProAct President Judie Foster-Lupkin is a native of Oregon. She’s led organizations serving people with disabilities on both the day program and residential sides of the industry. Foster-Lupkin had ...