Minnesota Disability Law Center presents on voting rights, accessibility

By Stephanie Osman, Senior Program Manager

On November 1, one week before the mid-term elections, ProAct participants received a special presentation from the Minnesota Disability Law Center.

Justin Page shared information about voting rights and accessibility services. The virtual event allowed roughly 100 participants from all ProAct locations to log in, watch, get excited and eagerly ask questions.

They watched a demonstration of how to enter an address and find their polling place and learned the variety of ways a person can place their vote!

Participants were excited to share what they learned, with one exclaiming, “I can vote even if I’m blind!” Another was excited to know that they can vote, even though they live in a residential setting.

Others learned they could register to vote ahead of election day, that they have a right to privacy, and no one can tell them who to vote for. Another participant said, “We want representatives who support us in home and community living so we have appropriate funding.”

There was no doubt that this was a much needed and exciting topic as there was much “buzz” about the presentation long after it had finished. It was a valuable learning experience for all.