Shakopee Halloween, polka, pushups and ‘reading nook’ fundraising

ProAct in Shakopee held its Halloween bash, one of the most anticipated days of the year and it didn’t disappoint, said Senior Program Manager Ali Brown.

People enjoyed a pizza lunch, costume contest, Halloween coloring contest and the dance. There was much to see in the form of costumes and compliments for such engaging outfits.

Polka pervades building, pushups with Bob, anticipation for more in December


Volunteer polka players also visited, who Brown said are such a hit. “You could hear the music and singing all around the building,” said Brown. ProAct’s super volunteer, Bob, was also on hand and led pushups.

On National Sandwich Day people discussed their favorites and researched the history of the silly day.

Participants engaged well with their regular classes, especially their favorites, Brown explained. They worked on a December calendar and schedule, which will be jam packed with special activities and holiday fun, said Brown.

A warm weather respite made shooting hoops possible outside the facility and groups visited parks and checked out seasonal hay bales.

ProAct also prepped for elections, with upcoming votes for favorite pies, Brown explained. Veteran’s Day card making was on the schedule with attention and deliveries to any special vets who people requested.

Shakopee also planned for “Art Museum Day” with virtual tours of famous art museums or galleries.

Special thanks went to the winner of the “Chill & Relax Auction Kit,” Willie Fleck. Proceeds will go towards Shakopee’s new reading nook area. “We can’t wait to share it with you,” said Brown “As always, thank you for all your support and communication. The participants are lucky to have you all in their corner.”